Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Badge Experiment no. 2 // help out!// ETSY!

Second one.  Not as pleased as with the first, but I did learn stuff.

I learned never to touch canvas paper again unless I won't be mixing medias.  I also think the linework got a little funky from the texture....but I saved the blending problem and that's what matters, and Sequinox was happy with it.  <3

Also forgot to mention when I posted this, I have a few people I'm trying to help out.  You may be able to help (w/o cash, omg) too.  Read this journal and this journal, and be sure to spread them around your own blogspot, tumblr, FA, facebook, dA, whatever.
Also I'm going to be actively using my Furbuy account now and I already have one custom adult art auction up. I didn't mention in the description but I'm looking to put at least half of the winnings towards helping out the two people mentioned in the journals above, Cally and Beanz.

I'd really appreciate if you could keep your eyes peeled and tell your friends about all the different things myself and Rae are doing to try to help our friends.

Also I now have an *active* Etsy storefront, check it out!  There's buttons, prints, and--soon--originals.

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