Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/12: Badge Idea//ACEO

First, the ACEO.

A WIP for part of a mail trade with an IRL friend of her character Kim.  I made her mostly deerlike since her ears and tail were, I hope that's ok. XP  She works as a set designer for horror films and she's supposed to be having a design epiphany while at work, hence the creepy tree in the background.

My works like this:

 Ink, paint, and pen combinations.
I'm thinking of trying them as badges.  Unsure how to price them, how to start them...should they be on ACEOs?  I'm hoping to find a way they could work on parchment but honestly that wouldn't add a lot unless the layers were thin.
I don't even know if they'd scan right.
But I'd like to try them.  Try to see how much color I could add too.  Would probably mean either marker and pen experiments ore more paint added in different colors...but I'd like to keep the color to a minimum, only a few per badge like with the cards.
What do you think?
I'm offering trades and guinea pigs in this journal.

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