Friday, February 17, 2012

2/17/11-2/19/11: Tear Your Little World Apart

I'm trying to draw 100 things influenced by songs.  I've had the project's specifications going for a little while and have maybe 5 drawings done or close to completion.  I've mostly been doing refs the past year, so...yeah.  Slowed things down.  Basically, I'm trying to draw properly again by doing this and a lot of practice sketching in a proper sketchbook.....

This started because I drew Carlos looking hot while listening to Garbage.  I now have two Garbage images in the works, I guess--that Tess ACEO from the last post, and this.

WARNING: Nudity and mild adult content under the cut!

This was the sketch (based off of a doodle in my sketchbook):
I created some guidelines while tracing since the pink made some areas hard to see.  It was fine, except I wanted to use the whole page and color it, and then kinda put in a sketch in the corner that I decided I didn't like.  It wouldn't erase because of the color and material.
This is the (mostly finished) transferred linework.  I'm not erasing anything--I like the inked linework.
Background will be black and pink, really bold.  Going for atmosphere, and challenging myself to fill a page for the first time in forever.  Not counting my book project I never got back from school (grr).
I took the sketch sheet and used it as a color sampler for a possible background idea...I kinda wanted to do a "solar flare" sort of thing, I guess?  That's how I'd describe it.  Well, I've never had one of those come out the way I wanted so I scrapped the idea and went with something else, but the color scheme and black stage-shadow going on at the bottom there are staying.  Currently unsure how I'll be coloring the body.
This did not scan well.
First, there are a few smudges, yes.  But I could barely see them.
Second, the background scanned way too dark.  I don't know what's wrong with that, this is white paper.
I also think my scanner bed may be slightly dirty or smudged.  Idk.  This scan sucks.
But yeah, this is where the image is for now.  I'm really pleased so far.  I want to color it but I'm unsure how to proceed...first, though, the background will be done in vivid pink...
I'm thinking maybe some "flat" coloring on this, tweaking some of her colors and stuff to fit....but the body will be shaded at least in some spots.
That's it for tonight.  :)
After testing two shades of gray on the original sketch, I chose the lighter one for the wings, darker for the toes.  Need to color the red in and the rest of the gray markings, then choose how to approach the black.  Feeling maybe a really dark cool grey instead.  Red may be pink here instead, unsure.  I really wanna do the pink background soon :P unsure how I'm gonna do that, it's probably going to be solid pink XP I don't wanna cut it out, though.  So, not sure what to do there.
Not going to shade the body.  Flat coloring for everything.  The stockings (arms and legs) and slip...thing...will be colored last and probably given a sparkle sheen.

Now I just have to color the underwear, scales, and friggin BACKGROUND.  It's got a few dark smudges and a random splatter because markers are evil, so I'm not really sure what to do yet.  I had wanted to go pink, but now I'm not sure.
I'm also not sure what color to do with the underwear.  Either more pink, or black....HMMM.
I was inspired by xsugarpill's headshot of Carlos that Saturnine did, oh my god.  She looked so sultry, and he said he wanted to draw her looking sexy because she normally looked so worried, but should get the chance to be beautiful in a confident way too...and I realized I've rarely drawn her being the powerful woman she is capable of being.  So I did :P
Thatdogsakiller has done several pictures of Carlos for me (this is one of them gaah), all involving restraint, but she always looks very powerful when he draws her and I REALLY love that.  Overall, everyone's doing a better job with an entire facet of one of my favorite characters, that I barely touch on in art.
So I decided to fix that.  Although she can be very anxious, and often is...she's still is a domme, capable of sexually controlling others, and she's able to take pride in herself, her body, and what it can do for her.  She's not all miserable or drowning in self-pity.  And what's more, I find her character very, VERY sexy.  Why don't I draw her that way?
I didn't draw in the long floofy feathers.  I decided they would be awkward here.  I'm thinking maybe the color can be dyed...but that doesn't matter since they aren't here anyway.

Also, awkward-as-hell boner.  Will probably make the underwear black since I discovered I REALLY HATE DRAWING CROTCH BULGES MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE.

I'll try to keep this image updated as I go.

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