Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2/21/12: Tear Your Little World Apart // ACEOs

ACEOs first since they aren't partial nude pin-ups.....
Going along with my other ACEO pin-ups, all risque but not adult.  I love Tess, she's so squishy and curvy and cute.  Although her lip may be a little big, but who cares, it's cute.
Only problem I have with this is the darkness of her ears and hands.  Otherwise I think it came out well.
Done to Supervixen by Garbage. :)
A portrait of my cat Harley as a goddess kitty.  I drew this because she likes to sit on my lap while I play Okami--it's her favorite time to cuddle with me, that is, when she's not under the blanket while I'm reading comics.  Anyway, she looks a lot like the cat god and the statues of her(?) throughout the game.  Also, she has very striking markings--opposite half moons.  Some people have told us they look like curling demon horns, but one of my friends pointed out the similarity to the triple goddess symbol.  So thanks to all of that, I drew this.  I don't often attempt backgrounds that actually look like anything and I think the water is way too green-blue for that sunset...but I still like it for what it is.  I added iridescent medium (on the card above too) to make a slightly bluish matte effect on the background, separating Harley from it.  It also made the colors mix a little better.  Also the eyes are kind of too dark.  Blech.  May fix that.

And finally, the piece I'm most proud of right now:
WARNING: Nudity and (slightly) adult content under the cut!

only thing I don't like right now is the lettering on the bottom not aligning with the rest of the piece as nicely as it could.  But I am REALLY happy with this.  I haven't done a full background piece on a large image without cutting the subject out in at least a year and a half, maybe two years.  
To see the progress of this image, click here.

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