Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15/11: Three ACEOs; One's for V-Day! // Ref & Pin-up WIPs


First, a trade with Brett!

I had a lot of fun drawing this character for him.  Except for the Not-Dog and a few miscellaneous sketches I don't get to draw monstery critters!  I REALLY love how it came out, I had been saving that ACEO for something special since I had colored it a while ago.
It's iridescent IRL so it's super shiny.


Meant to go along with the ACEOs I've been doing of my girl characters being sexy.  This one is a little more clean than the others, I guess, since she's the most covered and the material's opaque :P  Gonna do an orange-yellow background.  Make her look all fiery and hot (punny).

WARNING: Nudity and adult content under the cut!

Lindsay's WIP ref. 

Her hair is a nice length, but she can be shown with it bobbed or (much more likely) pinned up in the back.  She's big on 20s fashion but also can wear mod, 50s, fetish (leather/pvc, etc), and urban streetwear with a definite 80s/glam flair to it.  She still performs drag sometimes (female drag queen) so she can wear stuff like that.  Very big on pink.  VERY. :P

Bailey pin-up WIP.  Again.
I feel sort of stuck on the background.  The paper's white spots are getting less white and a little odd so I'm really thinking of doing a sort of collage or something.  Idk.
I hadn't touched this in a few months then decided to pull it out and work on it for two or three days in a row, doing little bits at a time.  I REALLY would like to finish this, but the background is taunting me. :(

And finally: late Valentine's picture (well, kinda--not original intent, just convenient) of Merriweather, bitten, whipped, bruised, clamped, restrained, gagged, and of course, collared, and VERY willing to do whatever you say.

I used the same technique that I did on the Darkmoon Jack Torrance ACEO back around Halloween...I'm really fond of it, I like how the sketchy linework fits it.  Very bold.
Carlos is a rough mistress.  I can't wait till I finally make SOME kind of drawing of the two of them.  I do not have a singular couple picture of them, clean or otherwise, finished.  I never have.  I need to fix that.  Now.

And that's it.  Gotta go sleep.  Going to hopefully have Bailey's body fully shaded tomorrow and that ACEO completed....Maybe I'll try that couple picture :P  I've also been doing a lot of photo refs and anatomy work to try to get myself in a better place in general when I start school again.  I'm not consistent and still have a lot to learn.  That's why I haven't been...idk, finishing a lot of big things the past....year and a half.  Wow.
May scan some of those.
Bye internet.

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