Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two more trades!

I finished these a few days ago and never got around to posting them here.
Both for my IRL friend.  I'm really pleased with them.
Fancy badge of Jamilla, her dragon girl, who is rather vain.  She's supposed to be showing off here.  I had fun with the scales...Although I don't want a dragon character myself, I love drawing them for people!

Finished version of her Ayami roller skating.  I tried something with the fish--they were meant to be perfect but then I realized doing them all the same would be a pain and made the print a mistake/print over itself on purpose.  Why not?  It's big in scrap book paper now.  I'm overall happy with how it came out, but next time I decide to try sizing scrap book paper and poster board for something I'll need to play with the end result a little more.  Her foot is centered but the rest of the image isn't (the scan got cropped too) but she was happy and someone said people sometimes mess with things being off on purpose to help it be more visually interesting. In any case, it's at least partially centered.  I'm still very happy with the pose (thanks Posemaniacs) and the outfit and coloring.  :)

Now off to finish my remaining owed items and brainstorm for the MLP project.  I'm currently opening for commissions for badges like Jamilla's for only $10 (9 slots available currently), and for digital sketches of any size/kind for $3 since I need practice (only three slots of those).  Email me at if you're interested. Thanks!

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