Monday, March 19, 2012

Digital Practice

Will be posting some digital sketches and practice things over the next few days.  Adjusting to using a tablet and trying to find a way to color, mostly.  Any helpful/enjoyable programs and tutorials will be posted here too.

Bloodfeast on FA sent me this and it's full of nice tutorials, color palettes, etc:

Doodles under the cut.  
Warning: Some nudity.
3/19/12 (happy birthday to me)--Carlos was inevitable.  Deco-loli ftw.  Her dress is...kind of a top instead though.  But yeah, did more soft sketching here and tried some layering again, but just focused on trying to draw like I was using paper.  It was...pretty difficult but this came out way better than I expected.  I think her poofy hair is my favorite part <3

First full doodle with the tablet.  I used Sketchbook Copic Edition, which I think shades things really nicely (and in a way I understand as it's trying to somewhat imitate the marker product...) and the sensitivity was fun to work with, although at times kind of annoying.  I did use separate layers, too.
I dunno how long it took me, I'm thinking a little over an hour?....Or maybe it was longer than that.  I was half watching some episodes of Damages, but I don't remember if I started this during the second one or partway through the first one.....
Also note how my mind first goes to "DRAW A GIRL!!1!" :B
Something I sketched in Sketchbook again, then put into Photoshop for the skin coloring...which was almost finished when my computer died and I forgot to save.  So..starting over.
Anatomy is terrible here.

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