Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/8/12: A few sketches

It's been a while.  I scanned a few sketches, a werewolf concept and an adult picture of Merri I'm rather pleased with.

Concept for the were form for Merri's new dom (and later boyfriend--Carlos is still his future spouse) Luke who is a pretty cool guy.  More on him later, whenever I next draw him.
I like skinny werewolves better than muscly ones personally but the muscled ones are cool too.  Werewolves are really hard for me to draw.  I used to draw them all the time in middle school, so it's been, I dunno, eight or ten years since I've drawn one?

Warning: Adult content under the cut.

Merri getting a flogging.  I think I added all his correct piercings, that is, the ones that he basically always has.  There can be extras added, but nothing subtracted especially not from his face.  However I think I maybe added a dermal to his tail, which is kind of neat even though his anthro form isn't real.
His anthro form/fursona used to be named Shadow but he can also be called Merri, not Merriweather though.
Trying out new tattoos on him.  He used to be Catholic and still likes his crucifixes on his inner wrists, I suppose because he still likes Jesus a good deal despite being a converted Satanist (LaVey or something similar, nontheistic).  He now has a sigil of Baphomet OR inverted pentagram somewhere (unsure if it's final here both location and design) and a little simple inverted cross behind one ear.  Also any opportunity to draw his cute donkey face draw scars and bruises and bite marks is welcome.
He does actually act the role of a donkey during scenes sometimes, preferring when with Luke to be "sacrificed" or "hunted" sometimes, but he doesn't get too animal-like, i.e. may still talk, doesn't bray or anything much if at all, doesn't wear a full costume (maybe hooves on his feet or to bind his hands, a tail and ears definitely).  He also definitely has a bunch of donkey ear hats and Eeyore stuff.

This is only the tip of the scanning pile iceberg.

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