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Sketches from the 20th and 21st, adoptables (finished AND WIPs), some more general WIPs including a tattoo concept, a finished pinup of Emilie, and a racy sketch of Bailey being racy.  He does that.

6/20/ + 6/21

The 20th was pretty weak.  I had eaten nothing all day and then at around 10:40 (after my last post, actually) I ate a revoltingly unhealthy dinner while watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Really bad Dan and Liam abound.  I used a magazine cover for the pose ref but I was so not there.  I was already pretty sleep-deprived.
Also the scan cut off funny and the contrast was weird; my scanner is misbehaving.

21st was great, though. I slept earlier, ate properly hahaha, and what's more is the sketches came out well.  Liam and Emma.  Emma's nose isn't narrow enough (her whole face is a little wider than it should be, I think) but the shape of everything is right. Also a pose from another, more interesting magazine picture.

I'm not sure if it's a crow or a raven but I'm kinda going more for a raven, they lend themselves to something this scruffy and sketchy in line style....Tattoo design idea.  It would be under my collarbone on my left side.  I can't really explain why I like them so much.  I know they're symbols of knowledge in Norse myth, and I've always thought of them in terms of my personality because of their reputations for being such smart birds.  They're also handsome animals, and they're sometimes shown in conjunction with dreams and as a sort of afterlife connection.  I also always wear a raven pendant.  The idea of ravens make me feel kind of protected.

A badge commission I got from Kamilya a while back that I finally got around to coloring.  Obv. a WIP....:)

A picture of Dan.  The hands fit what he's going to be doing, bashing a window in.  A forward as to a sweeping motion.
I kinda drew silly things all over the paper since it's not actually part of the image.  He's taking out the not-dog, and also Him from the Powerpuff current favorite cartoon character ;-;  Doodles of a character--Jack's ex and friend--are also on here. And a sheep cupcake.  I baked a bunch and more with a friend in April.  Also a boyfriend for the ex and friend of Jack's, a piebald deer. Elijah has no place in my storyline and I want a deer.  He won't be so pierced up though.  

 FINISHED CHARACTERS!  IF someone claimed one, they'd get to name them, decide their age, a few likes and dislikes, and their style.  That info would be typed and pasted on.  I also finish the little clothes people in the corners.  The original character sheet is then mailed to you.  They're notecard sized.  I chose to do 50 themes.   These guys are Fairy (the okapi-musk deer mix is based off of fairy-kei), Sweet (asian blue quail-corgi mix), and Punk (elegant fat-tailed mouse opossum, whose natural markings were difficult to draw XP).  My favorite guy is the punk guy, I think.  His tattoos are all based off of street art imagery, too, and the chest piece is "bullet with butterfly wings" I guess.  Yup.  Rastafarian or Nervous may have been a better prompt for him.   I might change that.

Warning: nudity and adult content under the cut.
There's ample warning before the adult content, and everything else is just nude.

Adoptable WIPs.
 Terra Cotta-leucistic zebra.  She's gonna have bits of clay on her all the time...I'm envisioning a clay worker.  Her stripes will be a warm, diluted terra cotta sort of color.  Then I don't remember her theme but that's a mountain lion girl...and then the Sisters, two forest spirits.  One is for the theme "Blind" and she is covered in eyes.  The other is for the theme "Predator" and has ever-hungry mouths all over her.  They have opposing features, too; Blind has big hooves, sturdy legs, thick fur, a curved horn, and small ears.  Predator has thin, dainty legs, short fur, and big ears.  She also has house centipede legs growing from her back, while Blind has dragonfly wings.
 I'm going to title it Swarm.  The inks have been done for a while but I'm planning to color it soon.
This is almost done. I'm gonna add some finishing features and it may need more shadow work.  I'm almost certain that it does.

warning: adult content below. 

Bailey showing off.  He actually is rather unfaithful and sleeps with guys rather more than he'd like to admit.  His numerous complexes and disorders, and him being stupid, are why he does that.  He loves his wife and feels guilty about it, but he keeps doing it so he must not feel that guilty. XP 
This is an excuse to draw a lot of glamfur bois too, hahaha!  Art's no fun if it's not self-serving and glamfurs are fun to draw. 

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