Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Tess started seeing Emilie, then after Lance came out to her, she agreed to see him as himself AND Emilie (same person, different forms).  She mostly hangs with Dorian and Ernest and Ernest's friends, but doesn't mind Emma, a few of Lance's other friends.  She's rather unsure if she likes Dan or not.
Also she's my excuse to have a sugar glider character, and to have a character with a ridiculous chest.  XP
If some of the linework seems old or out of place, it's because it is.  This reference sheet was half-finished for about half a year. 

Full name: Teresa May Bell, goes by Tess.
Birthday: July 16, 1992
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 160 lbs
Body Type: Curvy, long-limbed.  Large chest. 
Occupation: Engineering student.
Ethnicity/Species: Sugar Glider, indigenous Australian.
Faith: Buddhist.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner: Lance/Emilie
Siblings: Kelly & Joanie, 16
Music: The Birthday Massacre, P!nk, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sick Of Sarah, La Roux, Placebo, Deerhoof, Queen, Ra Ra Riot, Garbage, Arcade Fire, Motion City Soundtrack, The Used, The Matches, Metric, Tattle Tale, Mother Mother, Dragonette, Matt & Kim, Ke$ha, Scarling., AFI, Of Montreal, Lady GaGa, My Chemical Romance, Alphabeat, Say Anything, Never Shout Never, Tegan & Sara, Radiohead, Ladyhawke, Franz Ferdinand, Bratmobile, Spinnerette, Kaiser Chiefs,  Kill Hannah, Brand New, Freezepop, 3OH3!, The Decemberists, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, The Smiths, Le Tigre, Katy Perry, Runaways, Rasputina, Bjork, Evanescence, Panic! At The Disco, Joy Division, Never Shout Never.  Pop, electronic, rock, alternative, riot grrl, folksy tweepop stuff, scenekid fare.  She is always open/interested in new music; this is just some of what she listens to.
Fashion: Tees and slacks, shorts, skinnies, leggings, and/or skirts, jackets, vests, asian patterns, cool colors, band shirts, all sorts of shoes.  Usually mature but still colorful, usually rather modest, sometimes tattered or frayed.  She fixes things to be other things often after they’ve lost their original use. 
Personality: Highly energetic and social.  Tess is in part Lance’s foil and a parallel of Emilie, but she is capable of being as calm and deep as he can be, too, and finds his interest in the otherworld refreshing and interesting.  She loves to learn and be active.  Straightforward, confident, not given to panic or nervousness.  She loves more mathematical and science-related things, and is rather fond of sci-fi and superhero stuff.  Somewhat suspicious of men, mainly because she hates being ogled and approached.  Doesn’t mind abstaining from sex, as Lance is nonsexual.
Drugs: Drinks, but very rarely. 
Likes: Science, Demetri Martin, superheroes, clubbing, the beach, sailing, music, stuffed animals, kawaii things, sewing, sandwiches, traveling, exercise, sci-fi, math, accessorizing, window shopping, movie nights, board games, roller coasters, swing sets, hiking, reading, tech-geekery, manga, candy and fruits, farmer’s markets, Star Trek, Futurama, Firefly, Dr. Who, etc. TV-wise, body mods, rugby, badminton, videogames, fried grubs, MLP Friendship is Magic, Choward’s violet candies. 
Dislikes: Having a hugeass chest, when her gliding skin gets in the way (esp. in high winds!), sleeping in late, procrastinating, secrecy, beef, crunk, sleeping in, most drugs, Twilight, the pirates & ninjas debate (in her heart she goes for pirates…), “random humor”, winter after Christmas, star anise, bees. 
Movies: Big Fish, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Star Wars, Space Balls, Mean Girls, Inception, Pan’s Labyrinth, Coraline, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Airplane!, the X-Men movies, Santa’s Slay, Tokyo Godfathers, Star Trek: The Search For Spock, Star Trek, Orlando, Kinky Boots, Little Miss Sunshine, Edward Scissorhands, K-PAX.  She makes a point of frequenting theatres for superhero movies. 

DD cup
Baggy skin down torso & legs tipped brown-black. 
Baggy skin on arms-white.
Thin, plush fur on body.
Long toes.
Piercings: 12g snakebites, 00g lobes, 8g cartilage above.
Large nipples.
Stripes run down both sides of legs, start at armpits, branch at hips.  
Back stripe starts on face. 
Non-WT face markings; NO swirls present under ears.
Full lips.
Choppy hair, turquoise (naturally dark brown), fauxhawk.
Back of legs and arms-white.
Pouch IS present; tiny nipples inside.
Baggy skin is VERY wrinkled/folded and close to her body.  In the wind or when wet, however, it puffs out completely if exposed and can actually push her a little to her annoyance.
Ears-black tipped, black-pink skin. 

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