Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011: Design//Linework//Buttons//Hiatus

I've neglected scanning.  I have a huge pile of daily sketches but it's now so big that I think I'm only going to scan a few of them, and at that, I'll only be able to do so after I come back from vacation.
Vacation's around 8 days, I'll have internet access but no scanner with me.  Hoping to get a lot done, though.

I may be redoing my layout on here.  I'm not sure.  I have to decide what purpose this blog is going to serve....
Meanwhile, here's art I've been meaning to post. :)

Collaboration sketch for Hizzie.

Final of a tattoo design for myself.  

Sketches for above design. 
Badge for Sophie, part of a gift pack I sent her.  I like these; I may do more quick scrap badges (this is pencil and colored pen only) for gifts or commissions in the future.  Or for myself.  Hell, I never draw for myself. 

FROM HERE DOWN, BUTTONS.  Nothing inappropriate, but it's VERY IMAGE-HEAVY!  
I've put these up for input...I'll be linking the individual images to a survey or facebook or something to get a feel for which I should make.  I want to make buttons.  I have two more designs that aren't done yet, that are being drawn specifically for this purpose. 
Yup.  Someone's been having fun with photoshop!

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  1. ahh, i want a dan button! XD
    i really love this one:

    and these guys:

    i guess i just realllly love your opossums :3

    hope you have a nice time on vacation!