Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Merri's New Ref // Plans....

Plans first, since the new ref is highly NSFW.

I'm going to give this thing a revamp if it kills me.  Just read a very nice guide on how to make a not-ugly-blog and it's kind of pointing a big finger at me saying "just redo it already!"
Problem is, I can't really decide what theme to go with next.  I'd like to keep it a little dark, but, I don't know.  I also would like to keep the purple in place, but I want it to be tasteful, not *too* searing, and readable.  Is this readable?

The header HAS to go, thinking I may take some of the photo paper I use sometimes and make a header out of that.  

In other news I finally wrote up the specs for the zine I want to do, it's still open participation, still encouraging queer contributors/content, still haunted-themed.  I just need to make sure the other person helping put it together agrees with the guidelines, and I'll post it.  I'm still looking for a cover.  May do the whole photo paper thing again, paint a ghost on...I'm not sure.  I'll think on that for a while.  May also ask a friend who paints cool ghosts who was planning to contribute if she'd like to make or otherwise provide a piece for a cover.

We shall see!

I still want to do all the things I've been doing or well...trying to do.  that is, the inspirational sunday, feature friday.  I want to start doing some fashion posts too.  I realized recently that just because my high school scared me away from my body and made me think I was awkward and therefore unsuitable for being a photography model for *anything* or doing any hobby acting...doesn't mean it's at all true.  I'd like to start getting into photographing outfits I coordinate again, as I did this for a little while to cheer myself up last fall on a fairly regular basis.  I put a lot into myself and my appearance and shouldn't cut myself short.  May also post the occasional thing about living with an autistic spectrum disorder/condition as I've had to make some choices about my diet lately in order to cope better with my symptoms.  Not enough people, I've seen, come out of the woodwork casually and speak about having autism like it's not some sort of awful curse unless it's an autistic-specific blog, website, etc. and that's kind of sad.  I could provide my own insight as people like me are probably out there wishing more artists and cool people were opening up about coping and day-to-day life.

Now onto Merri's new ref.

Warning: Nudity and adult content under the cut!

His new alternate fursona.  The donkey is still there as is the MLP, but this is a mostly (but not exclusively) kink character created for D/S play themes with Merri's new boyfriend Luke, who happens to be a really dapper werewolf.  He calls Merri his "lamb" frequently and they enjoy predator/prey, play based off the Wolf and Lamb fable by Aesop, and sacrificial themed scenarios.  A few new things: Rarity and Baphomet tattoos, inverted cross behind/under ear, two black dots.  Tattoos that carry through to all forms.  Genital piercings as well.  Extra piercings shown here (extra nipple, navel, hip studs, tail piercings) can be added to his other forms, and so can other piercings, but they aren't his "norm."  The other ones are pretty standard for him, facial piercings are as always symmetrical and always present.
Also new, to all forms: his eyebrows are now not present, and are usually painted on in little pips as shown.  
Livestock tag always worn, does pierce the flesh, but may be worn as an accessory over one of his industrials in other forms.  Collar is same as always, locking, tags etc. are optional.
For clothes, well, this form is usually not clothed, but if clothed it's the typical deathrock and goth with grunge and fetish elements, deep blues, greys, reds, black, white.
This form is shorn except for the end of the tail.  
Hampshire sheep are typically black and cream, this is more dark grey and cream, feel free to go darker if drawing him.  
I'll post this and all pertinent information to Merriweather's reference page.  May create a SFW version at some point, but the penis shows the piercings present in all forms.

ALSO he can have a Care Bear sheep character, facial piercings only and maybe tail too, with the burgundy/black heart with the silver key as his tummy symbol, just like his MLP cutie mark.

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