Sunday, January 9, 2011


Gifts.  I finished them all yesterday but didn't get to scan the little outfit-people, as I was giving them to people literally seconds after finishing drawing them and gluing them down.

Fashion and species description, and adult art (way at the bottom) under the cut. 

Hannah is some weirdass rabbit degu gerbil guinea pig THING (mostly rabbit, whatever the hell it is) that she designed in middle school; I forgot that she wears emokid glasses at all times because, well, she wears glasses. :P  She can get away with wearing everything because yes, that is her build.  Mostly emo-ish (black, red, grey, white) sorts of stuff with Jackie Kennedy-esque "wtf how did you find that" and 60's counterculture "hippies are all in retirement homes now" stuff tossed in there too, and a ton of plain turtlenecks and various solids and prints in every color, neon to dull, that exists.  She is not picky, but is DEFINITELY not a certain "look" except, stated above, a lotta emo elements--skinnies only, band tees for popular bands along the lines of P!ATD, MCR, AFI, The Faint, etc but she listens to everything out there, oh, and plays oboe and violin.  Zebra print.  She owns every possible element of fashion in zebra print and has literally worn it all at once (sunglasses, wedges, shirt, belt, prolly socks, and skinnies with black stripe down the side).  Unsure if she's just looking good because she's built so nicely or if it really does work somehow.  I cut off the weirdass inking on the chin on the front view headshot, fixed the colored back, scrapped the other one.  Also, she wears more band tees than anyone I know irl.  We like the same music, mostly, except for a few bands here and there--less metal for her, minimal riot grrrl or shock rock either.  Our favorite band is the same, though...The Dresden Dolls.  Favorite singer, the same, Amanda Palmer.  We're bffls.  A lot's in common.  
Kiera is a mutt mix of some foof dog (originally papillon but not anymore) with possibly maned wolf, dhole, or african wild dog in there.  Her hair can be two-tone too (it is in the last drawing, based on the dye she had going on yesterday when I finished this up).  Her undies are red (bra) and purple (boxers), her two favorite colors.  She's so stylish it's almost painful--like, sort of emo ht-esque with no neon, lots more class, and a more mature look.  Just, same love for pinstripe and tie dye skinnies, cartoon references, etc. but way more mature and classy overtones.  She can wear glasses but doesn't need them. She likes them quite a bit.  And wears a lot of striped stuff--shirts, pants, whatever.  Converses and awesome muted-tone stylish "jedi" boots.  

 Joy is a peach-faced lovebird and is NOT A MAMMAL, those aren't breasts.  These birds have this interesting foof right across their chests that I used instead of breasts--because breasts on a bird is too freaky.  She likes plaid and jeans and wishes she wore less pink.  The plaid shirt she's got on on the small picture was my present for her.

Rachel-Derrick (lol, or trashcan/garbage) picture is coming along some new markers for Christmas that were in natural/muted tones that would be tricky to mix.  One of them was redwood, which was what I needed for Derrick's main fur color.  :)  Using pencils on the hair and clothes and a little bit here and there on their skin.  Unsure right now how to approach Derrick's body....he's fuzzy and she's not. :/  Going to touch up the inking on his nipples so they look like they're poking out of fur.
Mmm.  Rachel is fiiiine. :/

The skintones in this scan look slightly washed out to me.  Hm.

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