Sunday, January 23, 2011


Drawn to I'll Take Us Home by Matt & Kim.  Specifically from the line, "Hey, New York is a wolflike shadow" in the refrain.  Liquid concentrate watercolors, blue ink pens, gel pen, bic pens, and markers.  Whew.  I started this over the summer....

This was drawn to Explosions in the Sky's album Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever, from the track Have you passed through this night?
This imagery is how that album makes me feel.  But in a good way--this is a dark image but it's not a sad or negative image.  Liam's face is too short here and his nose is too big.  I was still figuring out how to draw him when I made this. 
Markers and pencil and pens, pretty much. 
It makes me think of Desperate Hell by Christian Death but it was drawn a while ago.  Maybe over the summer.  I decided to ink it.  I miss Bailey.  I like him here--he looks raw and like he's trapped in himself.  Which he is, by his fears. 

Done over the summer, in Washington, with watercolor, ink, and gel pen, to It's a Metaphor, Fool by Say Anything.  Their first album is my favorite album ever ever ever.  I wish they stayed that good with their continued studio work.  They added in too much electronic stuff and lost their way a little.  Lost their individuality and beauty. 

HELL YEAH.  Sophie's ref is FINALLY done. You can see -her- art at oooor at YOU HAVE TO SEE, HER ART BOOK.  IT IS AMAZING. 
She's excited to draw her furry sonar on everything and I'm excited for her.  

WIP of two badges (I redid the lines for Laurel's 'cause I didn't like her eyes) for Angel, and Hayden and myself as Lady GaGa and Beyonce.  Yeah.  I know. XP  I fucked up the phone line but redid it so it's all okay.  Angel's at and same name on FA, hayden's at or sickhearts on FA.  

Headsketch (concept) of Tess (pictured under the cut).  This is mainly scanned to show how I decided to make my friend Quiche a sugar glider.  I drew this and asked her what she thought and she FLIPPED so I went forward with it.  Cuuute.  
Warning: Adult art under the cut.

Drawn to an old, pre-Is a Real Boy track, actually, called By Tonight.  I don't know if I mentioned that before.  Mm.  Old Say Anything.  The worst part about them is that if I saw them in concert, they wouldn't play my favorite songs because they're all pre studio releases.  
I decided to do a background.  Did I ever mention how much I love my dead black prismacolor marker?  It's great for shading in like this.  I'm going to fill in everything around them with a lighter color, maybe.  Not sure yet.  Inside the outline, the background will be black and grey (it's getting there).  

Trying to get out an idea for an image to Monster by Lady GaGa (one of my three favorite Lady GaGa songs, might I add, the others being Paparazzi and Telephone).  I wanted to draw childlike Darkmoon being seduced by a terrifying opossum monster.  It's hermaphoditic but it's hard to tell (there's a pouch, slightly open, with a nipple or two showing, and a horrifically large penis).  I like Darkmoon's face, the creature needs some work, and darkmoon's proportions are awful.  Won't be finishing, but I might rework it. 
More Derp Badges in the works.  This time it's Carlos.  One of them is her soft, feminine, submissive side in a cute little lolita dress looking all sweet and whatnot.  The other one's her in femdom omg sadist! mode getting ready to whip Merriweather's hide off while he chokes down her dick.  
Lol.  great imagery, right.  Yeah.  I thought so.
... I drew that in health a few weeks ago.  Way to go for class, right?
And then what may become a badge for Natalie of her fursona Crotchety.  May or may not finish, I'm not totally happy with it but I may be able to rework it.  See her art here:

TESS.  THIS IS TESS.  She's a sugar glider, here pictured without her baggy flying skin.  
Her tits are the best thing on this planet.
Also she's Lance's/Emilie's GF.  Too bad he's nonsexual.  I want to steal her from him.  
A WIP of her ref.  Her tits are fantastic.  The flabby, wrinkly skin is that flying skin gliders have.  I guess if she jumped off of something high it would billow out a little.  Gliders aren't drowning in skin, so it looks insubstantial and for someone of her height and weight, it IS insubstantial.  She's not a tiny glider after all.  She's a superhot human-sized girl. :P 

 And finally, cute Emilie.  CUTE.  I fixed her knee and now I want to check that her arms are right before continuing.
Emilie is damn cute.

I'm going to post more later, namely of Tess (sugar glider GF for Lance/Emilie) and a few sketches and unfinished things,  including how I plan to do adoptables (two kinds, basically), as well as the fully completed Sophie ref.

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