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NOTE: Merriweather is a human with several fursonas.  The donkey is his primary fursona, his other one, made especially for playing with his werewolf boyfriend Luke, is a Hampshire sheep.  He has an MLP G4 fursona that looks like a stallion but with a donkey tail and ears, that is, not like the mules and donkeys in-show.  He also has a Care Bear fursona, which is his sheep fursona basically, based off of Gentle Heart.

Tummy symbol and cutie mark both are the key and heart tattoo.  Pony form doesn't have the flowers, care bear form may incorporate them.

ALSO, the tattoos present in his sheep fursona's ref carry to ALL the refs!  For a list of his "typical" piercings see below.  His facial piercings remain the same throughout.

Merriweather is reliable and sweet, but reserved with most people.  He has a lot of social anxieties, but he runs a blog that covers everything from local events to the S/M lifestyle to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode recaps (in the form of silly youtube videos) on which he's very animated and willing to reach out and talk to others; basically, although he doesn't spend all his time on it, the internet and written word is easier for him to communicate through.  Very close with Carmichael, Lindsay, Derrick.  Friends with Bailey, Andy, and Liam, too.
Was kicked out at 16 and had no choice but to move in with Carlos.  They broke up for a while after four years, an engagement, and Merriweather having a nervous breakdown.  They eventually got back together, in a better place and a good deal happier.  Merriweather has a lot of emotional baggage, unhealthy habits, and irrationalities that he had to work through for the relationship (and his life) to work.
After a while he started playing casually with a dom they were both friends with--Luke--and eventually they began dating seriously.  He's still with Carlos.
He no longer talks to his mother, and out of his siblings, is closest with his sister Alice and brother Drake.  It's difficult for him to see them due to distance and his mother's refusal to allow him around his siblings, especially the younger children, which includes Drake.

Full name: Merriweather Eric Fabio
Nicknames: Merri (most common), Shadow (donkeysona is Merri or Shadow), Eeyore, Lamb (Luke only), Pet, Good Boy.
Birthday: January 2, 1991
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 200 lbs (fluctuates)
Body Type: Wide shoulders, long-limbed, muscular, not necessarily fit.
Occupation: Auto-mechanic.
Ethnicity/Species: Human, Russo-Italian.  Fursonas are a donkey and Hampshire sheep.
Faith: Raised Catholic, practicing Satanist & Buddhist.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partners: Carlos (eventual spouse, lifetime primary and mistress) and Luke (lifetime boyfriend and master).
Siblings: Wide age range. Alice, Miranda, Thomas, Drake, Caroline, Nathaniel.
Music: Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Dog Fashion Disco/Polkadot Cadaver/The Altar Boys, COIL, Brand New, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Dethklok, The Mars Volta, Tool, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Morrissey/The Smiths, Explosions In The Sky, Pink Floyd, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Attrition, Spiritual Front, Burzum, Brody Dalle, Mr. Bungle, Nick Cave, The Stooges, Dimmu Borgir, H.I.M., Mindless Self Indulgence, Otep, Smashing Pumpkins, ThouShaltNot, VAST, Skinny Puppy, Rihannah, Throbbing Gristle, Metallica, Beastie Boys, A Perfect Circle, CocoRosie, Antony & The Johnstons, Streetlight Manifesto, Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Cursive, Modest Mouse, Faith and the Muse, Covenant, Rage Against the Machine, Sisters of Mercy, System of a Down, Lady GaGa, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Puscifer, Joy Division, Zeromancer, Dope Stars Inc., Nicki Minaj, Circus of Dead Squirrels, Peach, The Dresden Dolls, Velvet Revolver, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Coheed & Cambria, Creature Feature, Ke$ha, Incubus, Sublime, AFI, Bad Spider, Beyonce, Jane's Addiction, The Birthday Massacre, early Green Day, Chevelle, Rasputina.
Goth, darkwave, circus metal, other genres of metal, new wave, pop, grunge, goth, electronic, industrial, rock, instrumental.
Fashion: Mix of deathrock, fetish, and work clothes.  Can wear boystyle and deco accessories when matching Carlos for Lolita meets or just being fun and fancy.  The deco pastel accessories have wormed their way into the rest of his otherwise colorless ubergoth wardrobe. Tripp and other bondage pants, black slacks, dirty, loose-fitting jeans, tighter black pants (can be shredded), leather and latex at times, a lot of band tees, shredded fishnet shirts, wifebeaters (white or black)—often stained from work.  Very little color, and when there is it’s either dark blue or muted red. Industrial boots and worn out work boots.  Occasionally paints nails black, navy blue, or burgundy and sometimeswears eyeshadow and eyeliner (think Robert Smith or Siouxsie Sioux).  Has an Eeyore hat that he wears a lot.  Rats hair up often, wears down to one side or in a ponytail the rest of the time.  He always wears his collar (which can lock on) that Carlos gave him as a sign of his submission to her.  Wears a tag either on his collar or hanging from one of his industrials with an “L” for Luke (or Lamb, a pet name Luke uses for Merri).  When playing, he’s typically nude but can be in harnesses, leashed, tied with rope, etc. and sometimes wears wrist cuffs and/or twine used in play as accessories too.  Wears a lot of MLP stuff, especially for Rarity, Spike and Fluttershy.  He has a Fluttershy and a Spike cosplay.  Wears a lot of Harry Potter geekery as well, especially his Hufflepuff scarf.
Personality: Merriweather is a born follower, submissive, obedient although he's learning to question and think for himself instead of taking others’ opinions for granted.  Low self worth, often indecisive. Despite this, he’s stubborn when he wants to be.  Reserved and quiet around everyone except the closest of his friends and family. Catholicism ruined him, but he has trouble turning his back completely.  Struggles with his relationship with his family, especially his mother. She kicked him out when he was 16 due to his sexuality.  They no longer speak, although for a time he tried to repair the relationship.  Sweet, selfless.  Socially awkward, but when with friends, he enjoys going to clubs and concerts.  Although he is a big believer in therapy and even runs a self-help themed blog (also ponies, cars, kink, goth, and SHE-DEVIL themed…), he still tends to hide his feelings sometimes, allowing them to fester. Works out, starves, binges and purges, cuts, and smokes/drinks to cope with stress, but these habits come and go depending on his stability at any given time.  Exercise fiend.  Masochist, kinks include rough whipping, asphyxiation, gagging, sensory deprivation, rope bondage, needle play, spanking, genital torture (clips, rope, punching/kicking, whipping) and to a lesser extent, temperature play and mild wax play.  With Luke he often gets a rougher treatment; single tail whipping, vicious caning, consensual beatings and fights, and more roleplay, especially sacrificial and predator/prey (typically wolf and lamb).  Does not depend on his kinks to get off, but has a powerful subspace that is easy for him to slip into when practicing more vanilla sex.  Has had other relationships—Serena and Avery; Avery was while he was with Carlos before they took a break, but she knew about and condoned the relationship, as she does with Luke now.  The relationship with Luke works because both parties know what they’re getting and are content with that; while they are incredibly close, they both know they have people whom they’d prefer to actually share a house with and have children with.  Their relationship is secondary to both.  Carlos is allowed to join in on activities and play dates at times too, something she wasn’t permitted with Avery.  He does enjoy domming, but is still mostly a sub.  Close with his sister Alice and brothers Thomas and Drake.
Drugs: Pot and alcohol, neither to excess on a regular basis. Smokes cigarettes rarely (not addicted).
Likes: Metalocalypse, MLP: FiM, The Mighty Boosh, The Walking Dead, farm animals and things with hooves, quiet, metal, BDSM, body modding, his deathhawk, working out, Fun Home, mozzarella sticks and fried ravioli--fried everything, hostess cakes, horror movies, Toronto, amusement parks, Western New York, Carlos’s family, wood carving, Paradise Kiss, dancing, drag shows, machinery, children, the country, pot, drinkin’, macaroni and cheese, comics and graphic novels (he prefers them to regular books due to his dyslexia), Sandman, fucking around online, working out, Harry Potter, physical fights, paintball, Silent Hill.
Dislikes: Lack of a plan or reason for almost anything, cats (he won’t admit he likes Carlos’ cat), language courses, reading regular books (slow going--dyslexic), arguments, clichés, most romantic mushy stuff, hardcore Catholics, himself at times, being totally alone/being single (he's working on that one), staying in his hometown too long, reality TV, the color yellow.
Movies: Fight Club.  Also Secretary, Carrie, Pirate Radio, Donnie Darko, The Shining, Misery, Nosferatu, Tokyo Godfathers, Where the Wild Things Are, V for Vendetta, Ferris Beuler’s Day Off, Public Enemies, From Hell, The Dark Knight, The Omen (1976), Silence of the Lambs, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Hannibal, Friday the 13th, Tomboy, I Know What You Did Last Summer, A Clockwork Orange, Rosemary’s Baby, The Sixth Sense, Shaun of the Dead, Beetlejuice, Santa’s Slay, LOTR, The Breakfast Club, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Machinist, People Under the Stairs, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Space Balls, Princess Mononoke, Muppets in Space, The Crow, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Princess Bride.  Bad horror, good horror, crime and underground dramas, thrillers, dysfunctional everything…

Human/all forms:
Brand mark—C for Carlos—shows through fur.  Thick pink scar tissue.
Black collar with O-ring worn AT ALL TIMES.  Heart-shaped tag with “L” optional, livestock ear tag (worn through industrial) with “L” also optional, both rarely worn at the same time.
Sketchy-style Crucifixes in black, inner wrists
Heart, key, and decaying flowers (can be just heart and key on MLP, Care Bears, and feral form)
Rarity tattoo on upper left arm.
Small plain black inverted cross under right ear.
Sigil of Baphomet over right nipple, burgundy and black lines.
Tattoo made to look like microdermal nape piercing on back of neck, two black evenly placed dots.
Deathhawk often ratted up or left down, rarely “spiked” may be worn in a ponytail.
Dark black-brown hair
Shaves hair on entire body, can be hairless except hair on head, but sometimes leaves chest stubble, soul patch, and/or facial stubble, occasionally even has his real eyebrows. This applies to his anthro forms too.
Brows are typically penciled on thin or in angled apostrophe-shaped dots.
Nape of neck tattooed with two black dots to resemble a piercing—repeated tries but that one continued to reject so he got a tattoo that resembled it.
Brand mark, cursive “C”
Facial and ear piercings are all symmetrical.  Labret, nostrils, lobes (5/8"), eyebrows twice, nosebridge, septum, two industrials, helix, tongue.
Body piercings are also symmetrical, Navel, both nipples horizontally, symmetrical collarbone, lorum, frenum twice (upper), Prince Albert, guiche. Can add or remove others (additional genital, nipple, navel, various additional dermals)
Hazel eyes
Hampshire sheep form:
Mostly a kink character, mostly drawn with Luke, but may be drawn with Carlos or both of them as well as other characters too.
May have a Care Bear form.
Hoof-feet instead of hooves for feet.  Hands same as donkeysona.
Spiderweb and inverted cross tattoos in both ears (this form only).
Dark grey face, ears, arms, legs, genitals.  Rest of body is cream.
Hooves instead of toes.  Legs are shaped like those of a normal human.
Typical genital piercings shown—frenum twice, Prince Albert once, testicles once, guiche once.  Jewlery types shown may be different if desired.
Tail piercings both on top and underside are optional, number and placement varies.
Donkey form:
Can be an MLP G4, shown as a stallion with long ears and a donkey tail rather than an MLP style mule or donkey since they look a little weird.
Big, soft, fluffy ears
Long, well-built face
Lighter grey-brown fur around eyes, muzzle, chest
Scars show through fur (thin but fluffy) on front across genitals and all over the back and buttocks
Hooves instead of feet
The only non-greyscale colors are his skin-pink, eyes-hazel, and hooves-brown.
Mohawk continued as a mane down back
Mohawk is most often ratted up
Human genitals
Tattoos and piercings present (many not shown in that ref though).

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