Friday, July 6, 2012

Feature Friday 1: The Everyday Goth

A lot of you probably already follow this blog, but I decided to start Feature Fridays off with it nonetheless.

Mary's blog is very enjoyable and fun!  Her views on the subculture, being closer to my own age and mostly social with the community online, are really open and interesting--she doesn't take the subculture too seriously to start, and her writing style is quite accessible and always cheers me up.  I always enjoy reading and commenting on her posts.

Lately her fashion posts have helped me quite a bit as I've done a big wardrobe purge (she talks about justifying buying things as well as when you know you need to clean house) and in April, after seeing Rasputina again, I decided I still looked good in more elegant takes on goth and wanted to keep it up.  I had decided a few months before that I wasn't able to look good in it....but between discovering her blog and dressing up for the show I was re-inspired.

So, if you haven't seen The Everyday Goth, check it!
And there's a tumblr! 

Once again, congratulations on being able to study abroad in Scotland!  What an adventure! <3

This is why I really decided to start the Feature Friday segment today, and why I decided to start with Mary's delightful blog.....
I've been tagged by her blog!
(Am I supposed to make up questions or anything?....I'm terrible at being tagged.)

What are three things on your Goth "bucketlist"?
*Become involved in the monthly EBM/Industrial dances in the area.
*Meet more local goths and become good friends with them, introduce them to my friends, and have everybody get along great ;-; 
What is your favorite Goth song?
*Currently it's Remnants of a Deeper Purity by BTFABG, but I always have room in my heart for Disintegration by The Cure....and a lotta Siouxsie Sioux.  I can't pick favorite songs.
What's one Goth stereotype that you fit perfectly?
*"OH YOU DON'T KNOW MY MUSIC?  WELL.  WELL.  THAT'S....THAT'S OKAY I GUESS....oh dear god do you listen to Jrock and Chris Daughtery and are they seriously your favorite artists someone kick me in the teeth it's more enjoyable than this person's music tastes" 
i.e. the hipster music snob
What would be your ideal perfume/cologne scent?
*I honestly don't wear cologne/perfume...but I really want the human-scent from Perfume.  I would totally rule the world with my fabulous godly scent.  TBH, I far prefer wearing men's fragrances, but I enjoy smelling women's fragrances on others.  I'm so queer. ;-;
What is one of your guilty pleasures?
*Old Jack Off Jill  and I still kinda like Tripp pants....(I literally JUST got rid of my only pair...a few hours ago.)  I said J-Rock above but I kinda love Kyary >.>;; and OTT sweet lolita.....that's several, sorry!
What is a usual outfit for you?
*Band tee and jeans.  I work in a dusty, messy environment :/ When I even slightly dress up, I usually rely on layers.  I have a few lace and transparent ribbony tops I put over camis and the like...I'm fond of wearing leggings, tights, socks, etc. but don't always do so.  I often wear jackets and flannels with tops underneath, or thinner long-sleeve shirts with dresses or tops over them..  I have a few necklaces I switch out that I wear almost daily, though--a raven, a ying-yang shaped dragon-and-unicorn set with two little stones, my new crow skull replica, and another AC item (an art trade)--a Celtic knot-ish chainmail design--I used to have one from a really upscale goth shop in Quebec my parents visited (I couldn't go with them! ;-; I had school), but I lost it last year during graduation.  Otherwise my style....skips around from goth, punky-gothy, and fairy kei-ish, sometimes creepycute.  Usual is kinda...hard to describe.
Do you collect anything? If so, what?
*Art and badges and stuff.  Also specimens and bones, kawaii accessories especially charms, and collars.  I like stickers but am not an official collector by any means.  I used to casually collect vintage G1 MLPs, and my friends bought me some G3 and G4 ponies but I stopped taking in more, no room!
What's something you do subconsciously?
*Chew my cuticles.  
What's something you'd recommend? Anything. Clothes, movies, books, songs, whatever.
*Classical!  If you don't like it try it until you hear something you do like.  I don't know specific composers at all but I listen to the radio at work and that's the only station you can actually intercept without static in the department I usually work within, and I'm starting to notice I really have a thing for baroque composition.  I also LOVE classically trained duets and solos.  Not big on choruses and choirs at all.  I tend to strongly dislike them actually.
*The Shining.  If you haven't seen the Kubrick version do it if you haven't read the book do that.
The last magazine you read?
*IDK if this counts but the zine I was included in, Odium Comix :P 
The story of your username?
*Mylovelyastronaut - mis-hearing of lyrics from AFP's "Astronaut" that I started using a lot.
*Darkmoon--I think it was the name of a horse or dog or something in some fantasy series?  IDK.  Maybe I made it up.
*ADK - initials, played with a little.  Actually is another deceased relative's initials, but it was a way to make them include "darkmoon" without it standing out too much as obviously fantasy/furry/unprofessional.  I think it sounds better than my actual initials to say or spell, but I have gotten the "Adirondacks?" question once so far :/ 


  1. Wow! Thank you for the feature! I'm honestly quite flattered that you think so highly of my blog. :) I love the tagging memes, you learn so much about people and get a lot of recommendations if you ask the right questions. I just looked up "Deeper Purity" and it really is a wonderful song. Thanks for participating!

    1. You're very welcome! I like your blog a lot ;-;
      BTFABG is a really gorgeous band and they just don't seem to be very well-known. It's hard to find their music--you can't listen to it on spotify or other sharing places and much of it that's on youtube isn't complete albums, even the popular stuff. You can buy their CDs but can't really preview anything in a lot of places and finding it for free....forget it. You have to know someone who knows them! I'd be happy to email you a little sampling of a few albums. If you enjoy more ethereal, ambient work a lot of their albums are a mix of instrumental and lyrical pieces, and they fall under those genres/descriptors.