Monday, July 2, 2012

Mononoke Prints // Ink Spill Selections

At AC, this piece got a lot of attention.  So I decided to sell prints of it. :)
Each signed cardstock print is 11x14”. I got a sample the other day, the colors are really luminous and exact to the original. All the detail is preserved, which since I rarely do prints, I was a little worried about…overall it looks fantastic!

They will be selling for $12 including shipping. International shipping is $2 extra.

However, if you pre-order you not only get the signed print, but a few smaller 4x6” prints, and you are automatically entered in a raffle for a full-color commission with a simple background and up to 3 characters, which is typically $30-40 USD depending on how many characters! The image can be G-XXX. For guides to what I will and will not draw please see my commission page.

If you’re interested please email me at adkstudioss[at] with your FA/other website username and send $12/14 to the same email via Paypal.  The subject should say “mononoke print.” Your paypal email should be included in the body if it differs from your other email so I know who you are! Also list if you are interested in being kept up to date on the MLP paper dolls, and when those come out, you can get first dibs on them—I’ll email you when they’re ready for pre-order.

I am looking to have 15 people pre-order before I send out everything. When this goal is reached, I will email everyone who pre-ordered to let them know their prints are on their way, and will announce the raffle winner!

Like it says!  Each piece of paper is 4x4" and ready to be badge-ified.  Email me at with which number and which style you'd like.

Black linework:

White linework:
 Also, two for $25 still stands.

In other news, got a script from the co-writer of Shadowed Lives for a small 3-page comic, excited to start it!

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