Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two badge commissions

First is Moongara's art nouveau standard badge, won via auction on Furbuy :)
Bottled silver ink moon and lettering, shaded with markers to add a flatter look akin to poster work.  I can't find the piece online but I have a large book of art nouveau and arts and crafts work and there's a Mucha poster with this color scheme and stars of David which I used as inspiration for this badge.  Really happy with the results!   

Fancy badge for Magnus!  
I loved the design since lynxes are <3 for me.....and this is so glittery and sparkly IRL!  There's a glitter pen border around the letters and Magnus himself as well as a glow of bluish and regular iridescent media over an ink wash over the original paper since I felt the tag was a little too light.  So happy with the results!


Also, sorry I skipped the new blog segments--I've had a lot going on and was out of town over the weekend.  I'm going to try to sit down and do some entries ahead of time to prevent this from happening too often. :P as it is, Feature Friday and Inspirational Sunday may not be weekly.  

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