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Martha Celestine Betourne

One of my oldest characters, well, kind of.  After 7+ years of inactivity I brought her back with a new name, design, back story, group of friends, personal everything.  Except the species and coloring.

Mostly a kink character but also a librarian, good friend of Carlos, a seamstress for Sugar Sweet, and a lifestyle lolita and goth.

Full Name: Martha Celestine Betourne
Nicknames: Puppy, Mouse, Good Girl, Sweetling (various pet/sub names)
Birthday: December 19, 1987
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 300 lbs
Body Type: Stocky, hourglass, voluptuous, obese.
Occupation: Clerk at Sugar Sweet Boutique, library sciences student specializing in Baroque manuscripts.
Ethnicity/Species: French Canadian, Papillon and small fraction of parrot (green coloration and bright eyes only possible by mixed bird x mammal ancestry).
Faith: Raised Catholic, now a Unitarian Universalist
Sexuality: Lesbian
Partner: Single, but has both sexual and nonsexual relationships with several dommes.
Siblings: Ray, 6 years older.
Music: The Deadfly Ensemble, Azure Ray, Current 93, Amanda Palmer, The Dresden Dolls, 8in8, Death In June, The Jezabels, Extra Life, Larkin Grimm, Rasputina, White Ring, Parenthetical Girls, Sam Mickens, The Ditty Bops, The Pipettes, The Antlers, This Mortal Coil, Vermillion Lies, Deerhoof, Poe, CocoRosie, Kate Bush, Clan of Xymox, Bauhaus, Rozz Williams, Cocteau Twins, Angels Of Light, Johannes Sebastian Bach, Hungry Lucy, PJ Harvey, Swans, Kyary, Skinny Puppy, Δaimon, Scarling, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Jacqueline Du Pré, Throbbing Gristle, Faith & The Muse, This Immortal Coil, oOoOO.  Goth, acoustic, experimental, classical (string especially), electronic, witch house, industrial, dream pop, no wave, freak folk, some pop.
Fashion: Lifestyle Lolita, enjoys classic, country, EGL, and sailor styles.  Favorite brands are Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, and Sugar Sweet’s classic and EGL lines.  Has to sew or re-construct almost all of her clothes due to her size.  Floral prints, tartan, gingham, vertical stripes, prints with vintage animals, blues and navy, neutral/forest greens, black, greys, browns, dusty pink, pale yellow, wine.  No sweet colors or pastels in general.  Classic sweet is acceptable but OTT or typical sweet is not.  Typically coordinates with shrugs, prefers to be modest and not show her chest and shoulders (or arms if she can help it).  Fond of bows and headdresses, hair ribbons, rosaries, pearl and flower accessories, and bird cage charms.  Does not over-accessorize ever.  Not as fond of lace, often avoids lacy dresses and accessories.  Wears neutral-tone maryjanes and Victorian-style boots.  Often braids her hair in various styles (French braid, herringbone braid, etc).
Personality: Incredibly introverted, very shy and soft-spoken.  She is rather private but not withholding with those she trusts.  She was raised by her controlling grandmother, who tried long after she was too old to treat her as a young child.  Martha was never allowed the luxury of privacy even in her room, and as a result is rather secretive and leads somewhat of a double life.  Her grandmother is prying and spies on her, so keeping her sexuality and interests apart means living them away from her home and family completely.  Hence, her sub life—despite being owned by several dommes—is not as involved as she would like.  She has poor self-advocacy and trouble communicating with others and often finds it easier to simply not try to make friends, go to parties, etc. or be a wallflower when she does show up (at concerts she often goes alone and talks to no one, except the band if possible).  Binge eater and anxious eater, was told by relatives and classmates her whole life to watch her figure, which only made it harder for her to do so.  Martha’s attempts to come out of her shell and not deny herself are challenging and hard to cover up but the amount of risk makes them more enjoyable.  She still lives at home and doesn’t feel comfortable having an actual girlfriend, but has been used, trained, and (without the romantic elements present) collared by several dommes.  Carlos, her friend and coworker, has largely helped her gain the confidence to explore more meets than she would have otherwise, and has helped her keep her confidence up regarding fashion.  Being heavier than most Lolitas, she has to sew or alter much of her wardrobe to fit her and is employed at Sugar Sweet as a seamstress.  Although her grandmother annoys and even frightens her, she still somewhat shamefully enjoys being cared for, controlled, and treated as one would a dog or child (puppy and regression fetishist primarily, age 4-5, no trainers or diapers), given little to consider (also has fun misbehaving, something she never does to her grandmother or other authority figure out of play situations). She also has an interest in various aspects of S/M, notably needle play (nonsexually with Carlos), spanking, and caning.  She doesn’t enjoy rope bondage and full-body extreme restraint, but does like being leashed, put in harnesses, made to wear chastity belts, being muzzled, and sometimes hobbled.  Also a food fetishist (rubbing soft, sweet foods, ex. pudding or tiramisu on someone, being made to eat said foods from another’s chest, etc).  Big on music, plays viola quite well—her grandmother pushed her to do well in that area.  Well-read and prone to being slightly snobbish about books, art, and music.  Writer, enjoys poetry especially and wants to be a performance poet despite her hatred of being the center of attention.  Largely into goth culture.  Hardly ever goes to Lolita meet ups or goth events besides concerts.  Although she has a hard time making friends and has very few, Martha largely enjoys her own company and is never without a book or note pad on hand.
Drugs: -
Likes: Books (texture, smell, etc), reading, Renaissance and Baroque artwork, the International style (early Renaissance), school and learning, sleeping, cooking, flowers, lolita fashion, European history, pet play, food play, regression, d/s, needle play, flogging, restraint, her ever-growing collar collection, soft and muted colors, being alone, concerts and goth clubs, dancing (when no one can see/no one cares to notice), shopping, surrealism, romanticism, sewing, designing clothes, museums, PBS, classical music, string instruments especially viola, decorative house items, crafts and craft shows, darkroom photography, quiet, writing stories essays and poetry, horror films and stories, Stephen Gammell,  fish tanks, performance poetry and performance art in general, winter, coffee, David Lynch, Neil Gaiman, Charlotte Bronte, Renaissance fairs, Salvatore Dali, sweets and baked goods—especially puddings,  mousses (any kind/flavor), chocolate, crème brulee, tiramisu, fruit tarts, angel food cake, and éclairs.
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, being spied upon, her figure, having strangers read her writing, energy drinks, sandwiches, cold hands, being startled, amusement parks, pop culture, mainstream media, metal, hip-hop, country, bluegrass, and most pop, waking up too early, loud things, being dirty/getting her clothes dirty, sports, being approached by strangers, anti-lbgtqpia, memes, pastel grunge, hipster fashion, being in crowds, racism/sexism/body type hate.
Movies: Rabbits, Elephant Man, Pan’s Labyrinth, Being John Malkovitch, Black Swan, The Hours, V for Vendetta, The Red Violin, The Wizard of Oz, Orlando, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Lolita, Elizabeth, Blue Velvet, The Secret of Kells, Red Riding triology, Hearts in Atlantis, The Merchant of Venice, Lady Jane, Mirrormask, Secretary, Nosferatu, Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, Shutter Island, Fight Club.  Surrealism, horror, period, drama, mystery.  She doesn’t watch movies often and prefers period pieces on television such as Downton Abbey, The Borgias, Tudors, etc. especially those in the Baroque and Elizabethan era, but certainly some others as well.  Also surreal shorts are always good.

Opaque black heart tattoos on each hand and one at base of tail.
Big & fluffy tail, white underside, black tip, green on top does not meet the black.
Fur is peachfuzz except in areas where feathering is present—her pink skin shows through on her stomach, shoulders, and legs especially.  Back is more thickly furred.  Any scarring and bruising from play shows through—can have bruises and marks from caning, spanking, flogging.
Dark green ears, tail, and forehead marking, darker hair.
Fur just under tail is the same green as her tail.
Full, soft lips.
Optional reading glasses.
Collars: she has many in different colors, some plain, others more embellished, mostly for play.  Her “good girl” collar is her primary puppy collar, for example.  Heart collar is her only every day collar, but it’s used for play too.  Her other collars are never worn unless for play or attending a related event.  Several are from different dommes and bear their signatures to show ownership, but Martha’s involvement in any D/S relationship is usually sexual and/or platonic only due to her desire to remain single and need to hide her lifestyle at this point in her life.
Can wear chastity belts as attachments to her harness, which are attached at the (again optional) tail restraint.
Muzzle—shown here—can be worn with regular clothes to munches etc.
Long blue-green hair can be braided, curled, put in buns, etc. enjoys Regency and Victorian hairstyles.
Eyes & forehead large, muzzle short & low.
Although there is parrot in her ancestry Martha has NO bird features, just her unusual coloration.
Small hands and toes.
Heavy and voluptuous.
Skin is very pink. Any scarring from play is very light and most fades away in a few months, so it doesn’t show up on her skin very much, but initially her thin fur ensures anything on her front or legs especially will show right through her fur—can be drawn with bruises and marks from caning and flogging.
Ears are not pointy, but rather soft and rounded with massive amounts of fringing fur.

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