Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

First, I have an almost complete MLP set at last.
Fluttershy.  I imagine her willowy and ectomorphic, small-chested, frail but not sickly.  I'm close friends with several naturally thin people and went to college with someone who had this exact build--long legs and everything.  None of them have any issues with food, they're just like that, so no, I don't think Fluttershy is anorexic. :/
I picture her wearing a lot of loose, springy things that she could wear while gardening or taking care of animals, or lounging, but it would all be suitable for wearing almost anywhere, being neither too casual or too dressy.
This isn't complete because I decided to add her butterfly clip from the Gala, but it's more of an ear ornament, I guess, from the direction at which it's worn here.  I ned to re-scan it and then I'll start pre-orders.
Twilight's next to be completed, her hair accessory is done and two shoes were done, but one went missing.  Her dress needs to be transferred and then I can finish it.

The rest of this art is all kind of related to AC.  I got a gorgeous badge from Trey and wanted to repay the favor!  I wish I had had more time to hang out with xem, so I could've drawn something in return at the con itself....but I did this when I got home.  I scanned it after lamination so some of the shading, the snake especially, is a little off and the lettering is vivid sparkly orange and neon yellow, obviously bleached.
Xyr  fursona is based off of the rascals from Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, and I kinda took a few liberties with what I think an opossum x german shepherd would look like, and beefed up the muzzle a bit.  I always think of pronounced lips and long, strong mouths when I think of opossums, and I always think of power when I think of sheps...and I think of those dots on the sides of their faces.  I included that only to see it wasn't in the design when I was done, I felt kinda silly.  I hope this is appropriate for the hybrid, it was a little hard to do.  I'm happy with the result regardless.
This I did At AC itself for Gravey.  She did an ACEO for me too!  I was using her markers and one was starting to die, and the green inking looks a little rough to me but it was difficult for me to draw much of quality in the zoo, it was SO loud.  Still, I think it came out cute.  Her genderqueer character Ed. :)
WARNING: Nudity and adult concepts (typed, not images) under the cut.

And finally, I was working on this during the con, at least, coloring it.  I had a character named Maire a long time ago and kind of wanted to revive her.  Now she's a nervous, introverted library sciences student specializing in Baroque era manuscripts, who is also a classic Lolita lifestyler and lifestyle submissive.  She lives with her possessive, controlling grandmother--a kind, but incredibly misguided woman who insisted on dressing Martha herself for far longer than appropriate and tried to keep her as close as possible her whole life.  Martha is very secretive and private, skills necessary to develop while living with her grandmother.  She's lesbian and has some issues with anxiety and bingeing.
The tattoos didn't go over well.  
She works with Carlos at Sugar Sweet as a seamstress and sees Carlos for nonsexual needle training.  She's single but owned by at least two dommes and if she had a girlfriend the relationship would be open, perhaps polyamorous.
She got into Lolita because it was clothing she enjoyed that her grandmother agreed with--she did try to keep her looking as childlike as she could as long as she could.  Due to her weight she has to alter brands or make her own for the most part, which is how she got good enough at sewing to be accepted for a high-end (super tiny) brand.
Her kinks are mainly puppy play and regression play--kindergarten age.  Although she hates her grandmother's controlling efforts she still craves being controlled by others.  She is somewhat a masochist but not nearly as much as Merriweather, but is not at all a switch and enjoys all kinds of restraint--hobbling, harnesses, rope, ribbon.  Her favorites are her muzzle and paws.  She also enjoys food play--not force-feeding, more like tactile/sensory stimulation with sweets/desserts being rubbed on her or others.  I was kinda planning to do some comics with her eventually but I dunno.  She's got very few friends and mostly just socializes with Carlos and people in their local scene, but only specific individuals and mostly only women.  She's a huge goth music enthusiast but if she goes to clubs or concerts, she generally acts the wallflower.  Very bookish, as being a librarian would suggest. I  think she may play classical music too.  I'm not sure.  Gram (how she refers to her grandmother) may have made her play various instruments.  Hm.

I keep wondering how many people actually remember Maire!  Her design was so amateur.  I'm very satisfied with this reboot.  
Anyway, so I started coloring it at AC and I borrowed a shade of green for shading the lighter portions of her fur--her face basically--and didn't really write down the name properly.  I'm waiting on some markers in the mail so I can finish her ref.

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  1. i love maire's new design ;3;
    as for the colored pencil, if it was prismacolor it sorta looks like it could be: "light green", or "true green"? those might be too light though.