Friday, July 20, 2012

Feature Friday 2: < Epic

I've been working on a four-page black and white comic over the past week or so (you'll see sketches etc soon!).  Although I'm writing a big comic project, I'm now making smaller ones to get used to making comics.

Working on this one made me think of The Less-Than-Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal (warning: NSFW), which is one of my favorite webcomics of all time.  I follow few since I'm really picky about my comics....but this one really catches you.

Not from the comic itself...Didn't wanna spoil anything!

It's human art, not furry or fantasy.  While some of it is adult the story itself is not explicit porn or anything, rather, a tasteful play-by-play account of two perfect strangers traversing America over the span of a week.
And that's all I'm giving away.  The artwork is AMAZING and full of so much feeling and detail...I'm constantly amazed.  The storyline itself and the writing are, touching, and dare I say it?  Pretty hot, sometimes!

If you haven't read it, check it out.  Even if you don't think < Epic is your probably is and you don't know it yet.  The sidebars are full of gay erotica and while this isn't really my genre of choice, TJ & Amal is NOT straight-up's so much more than that.

If you like it, you should check out the gift shop, get a few prints and stickers and maybe a know, support E.K. Weaver (who WRITES AND ILLUSTRATES THIS HERSELF, with a full-time job, updating weekly.  That's mad skills) and her ability to give us this terrific comic.

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